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Religion in a Time of Covid 2022 Competition Winners

Welcome to the website for the 2021-2022 Community Religions Project competition.image of painted stones expressing encouragement, outside a hospital

This was a great opportunity for 16-19 year old students to share their ideas and research through an essay, blog, magazine article or any written format!

We asked students:

What can the pandemic tell us about religion? What can religion tell us about the pandemic? How have religious groups supported their communities? What ethical or philosophical questions about or for religion has the pandemic raised?

All of the entries were exciting, interesting and engaging responses to the brief.

We are delighted to announce our winner was Jameela Niwaz with the essay 'How the pandemic has affected religious queer people's sense of place'. Judges described Jameela's entry as an 'engaging, clear essay with a well-chosen focus. It was well argued with good deployment of relevant evidence and sources. A really interesting read.'

We also had two excellent runners up.

Lily Woodrow (Scarborough Sixth Form College) asked 'To what extent has religion been affected by the pandemic?' and judges described Lily's entry as 'an interesting argument, using some interesting sources, and an engaging read. It was excellent to see different views being taken into consideration.'

Shania Mehta (Watford Grammar School for Girls) looked at philosophical issues in relation to the pandemic. Judges described Shania's essay as 'an interesting and engaging approach drawing on A level syllabus content and applying it in new ways'.

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