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Dr Mel Prideaux discusses the approaches used in teaching Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. In particular she introduces the significance of local studies of religion which provide an important resource for learning and teaching at undergraduate level.

The Community Religions Project has had a significant influence in the development of undergraduate teaching in Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. Our undergraduates undertake independent fieldwork and contribute to knowledge and understanding about religion in locality.  To see example outputs from these modules please visit the Religion in Leeds section.

Students involved in fieldwork through CRP modules receive an extensive skills training which includes a particular focus on ethics and responsibility. In the video below, two students from the CRP discuss their experience of fieldwork, and the advice they would give others starting fieldwork.


In a 2016 article in Teaching Theology and Religion, Dr Mel Prideaux discusses some of the key ethical issues in the type of locality study which undergraduates participate in through the Community Religions Project.