Mapping Religion in Leeds

Mapping Work in Progress Presentation

Members of the 2014 Mapping Group at the UGRE

Religious Mapping of Leeds is a final year module for undergraduate students, and offers the opportunity to undertake detailed study of a specific area of Leeds.  Dating back to the earliest days of the Community Religions Project, religious mapping of Leeds has provided a unique view of religious life in Leeds.  The current collaborative module leads to production of a detailed report which can be compared across areas.  More recent reports, notably Chapeltown 2014 and Beeston 2011, have been revisits to areas previously mapped and act as an interesting development.  A selection of reports can be found by clicking links through from the table below.

Each year the students are required to present their research back to the community in which they’ve been conducting their project.  Additionally they are invited to make a work-in-progress presentation to the Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Experience (UGRE) event. Presentations from the most recent Mapping project can be see alongside their final report (see below).

AreaYearLink to file
Fairtrade in Leeds2015Final Report (pdf)
Community Presentation (Pdf)
Kirkstall2015Final Report
Community Presentation (Pdf)
Chapeltown2014 Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Work in Progress Poster Presentation (Prezi)
Community Presentation (Powerpoint)
Meanwood2013Final Report & Directory (pdf)
City Centre2012Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Beeston2011Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Headingley2009Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Harehills2008Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Chapeltown2007Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Burley2004Final Report & Directory (pdf)
University Area2002Final Report & Directory (pdf)
City Centre1998Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Moortown1997Final Report & Directory (pdf)
Beeston1994-1995Final Report (pdf)